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Uniquely Co-ordinated is a Freelance SMME, and assist with – Business Support, Property Management, Staff Verification and Travel Management – National and International. Uniquely Co-ordinated can also supply Office Furniture, Stationery and Office Equipment to schools and companies. UC was established in June 2019, in assisting all SMME’s nationwide with all admin functions in HELPING them to grow their business. We all know what little time all new and well-oiled business owners have in getting the basics in order before they kick off. Let us free up your hands in assisting with all your Business Needs

10 Benefits of Traveling The World

◇ Everyone needs a break from work
◇ Traveling gives you sense of purpose
◇ You learn to be happy in your own company
◇ Forget planning and embrace spontaneity
◇ You take home endless memories, experiences and possibilities
◇ You learn to handle independence and challenges with confidence
◇ Your perspective enhances as you explore new cultures
◇ Your leadership skills and academic performance improves
◇ Your individuality improves as you become more self-aware
◇ Your network widens

What Do You Need to Know About Employment Verification?

Employment verification is a type of background check that looks for inconsistencies between the information an applicant provides and their actual employment history.

Here are some of the things this kind of check can reveal:

◇ Confirming Employment History
◇ Service Duration
◇ Position Held
◇ Salary Verification
◇ Reason for Leaving
◇ If the applicant is eligible for rehire

5 Benefits of Property Management:

Owning investment property can be very rewarding and lucrative if managed properly. We at Uniquely pride ourselves in committing to the following:

Market Value vs. Rental Amount: We will set the rent at rates which are market-competitive, allowing more people to show interest in the property.
Systematic Rent Collection: We act as your third party that can manage your rent collection effectively.
Maintenance Issues: Handle these issues effectively and ensure that the house/commercial property is in a liveable condition.
Help with Taxes: We keep record of every expense which helps you while filing tax returns.
Stress-free Life: You may have a lot of things to do in a day and you cannot possibly deal with emergency calls at night or during your office time. We take care of these matters as well and allow you to have stress-free days.



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