How To Approach A Traditional Business Model Differently:

Traditional Business: Businesses hours are limited – 8 hours a day. Businesses spend a large amount of money on operational bills and salaries. Traditional Business can also be used as a phrase to describe protocol widely spread within the business.

Digital Business: Allow users to view or even purchase from your store 24/7 E-business – The development of e-business is dynamic and moves from simple use such as e-mail and a web presence. Internet technologies are changing approaches to business in the market.

Changes in Competitive Environments

Traditional business models are no longer sufficient to tackle fierce global competition. In order to survive in global competition, organizations need different business methodologies that can help them to cut costs, improve the quality of products and services, and create value for the businesses. Technology has become critical in creating and sustaining competitive advantages in the global market. The increasing globalization of business has led firms to seek new, and more appropriate, organizational structures, processes, and cultures. This has required the establishment of appropriate information technology platforms to coordinate business processes and to provide coalition mechanisms.