Recycle Your E-waste:

What is E-Waste?

E-waste, or Electronic waste, is a collective term referring to the high-tech garbage that may include all the electronic items (intact, dismantled, shredded or ground) that no longer serve their purpose, or simply are discarded by the users.

E-waste and our environment.

Environmental Risks

This goes without saying that the health and environmental hazards posed by irresponsible e-waste disposal are many. What contributes to it?

Basically, such electronic components contain toxic materials in varying degrees that contribute directly to a disrupted ecosystem. The dangerous traces of methyl, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury then seep into the soil, polluting the groundwater. If thrown in an inferno, the burnt cadmium along with other toxic substances can very well pollute the air. Many of the chemical compounds present in the electronics are cancerous in nature.

Responsible E-Waste Recycling Solutions

We all want to be responsible, there is no doubt in that. Of course, we don’t want to end up resolving legal matters at the end, do we? This is why we suggest you to never opt for an e-waste disposal process without proper guidance.

There is a whole lot to e-waste recycling and a lot of reusable material can be missed, which we cannot afford.

Choose an E-waste company that would help you dispose your surplus (and recyclable) materials by following proper responsible recycling standards laid by the state, combined with a zero landfill policy. Go to or schedule a collection on our page for assisting with all your unwanted E-waste.