Ten Ways To Live An Organized Life

Create & Utilise A Daily To-Do List: Our top way to organise your life is to create and utilise a daily to-do list. Jot down every single thing you need to do and prioritise your workload in a methodical way. This allows you to put everything into perspective, immediately reducing your stress levels and giving you a structured way to get through your workload. We love the satisfying feeling of ticking off each task throughout the day too!

Prioritise: Another effective way to live an organised life is by prioritising. What needs to be done? And…what do you want to get done? – these two things are very different. Our tip is to prioritise your to-do list every day with a system that works for you – maybe it’s colour coding or it could be utilising symbols. Define your x 3 MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) and focus on these first, while your brain is feeling fresh. TIP: You can use this system for your home, workspace or personal goals. Prioritising is effective for organising all facets of your life. 

Learn to Delegate Effectively:  Delegating can make a world of difference when done correctly. Master the art of delegating by doing it in an organised and effective manner. Choose the right people who have the skill set for the task you need to delegate. Brief them properly, making sure they have all the important and relevant information. Set a clear deadline and do not micro manage.

Plan Your Meals in Advance: Organise not only your work life but also your home life by planning your meals in advance. Set a defined day each week to plan out your meals and write your shopping list. If you’re time poor we suggest ordering your groceries online to be delivered every Sunday or utilise a service like Marley Spoon or Hello Fresh. If you live with others, chat about your schedule for the week and allocate the nights each person is going to cook. Getting home and knowing exactly what’s on the menu saves you time, stress and money.

Get Your Outfit Ready the Night Before: It may sound silly but planning your outfit the night before (or even all on a Sunday) will save you a lot of stress & time. We suggest checking the weather for the following day (or week ahead) and plan out your looks around the temperature, your schedule, events etc. so that you feel comfortable and confident each day. Every evening during the week get your outfit out, make sure it’s ironed and ready to go at the front of your wardrobe. It will make your morning routine a lot faster! 

Allow Enough Time: Make sure you are realistic with your time – this is one of the easiest ways to organise your life. Over estimate, rather than under estimate and be strict on yourself.

Set Alarms: Setting weekly or daily alarms can be hugely beneficial. Our founder checks her diary every night and sets alarms that act as reminders for her working day. e.g., an alarm to wake up, an alarm 30 minutes before a meeting so she can have time to prep, an alarm when she needs to leave for an event or photoshoot, an alarm for 30 minutes before the end of her work day so she can tie up any lose ends, do a final check of emails and write her to-do list for the next day. There are no rules – utilise the alarms to work for you in whatever way you need.

Create a Sunday Routine: Preparation is key to getting your mind in the right head space to tackle the week ahead. Set aside 10 minutes to sit down with your diary & look over your schedule for the week on a Sunday.

  • What nights will you not be home for dinner?
  • What days do you need to pack your gym gear?
  • Do you have any pre-work coffees & need to set an earlier alarm on that day?
  • Are there any important meetings booked that you need to plan a #girlboss outfit for?

Once you’re feeling confident with your schedule for the week – take the time to write a big to-do list for your Monday and set any alarms or reminders you need to on your phone. Sundays are also a good time to plan your meals (see above), your outfits (see above) and set your alarms! All it takes is 15-30 minutes of prep.

Always look ahead: It’s important to always look ahead in order to keep on top of everything and stay organised. Look ahead at your workload, look ahead at your goals, look ahead at deadlines, look ahead at your budgets etc. Never stand still.

Give Everything A Place: There is nothing worse than starting your day in a chaotic, messy space. Everything needs a home, and a clean space = a clear mind. From storage cabinets to folders – find functional storage solutions that fit your personal style and utilise these to your advantage. 

                                                         And… Believe in yourself.